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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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garrison in the Russian fort surrendered after so
brave a resistance that Shamyl, to show his respect,
let the commander, Lieutenant Anozov, keep his
Within twenty-five days (the 27th of August to
the 2 1 st of September) after his sudden appearance
before Untsukul, Shamyl had tåken all the Russian
fortified places in Avaria except Khunsakh, the
capital. He now went back to Dilim, and, after
an unsuccessful attempt to take the fortress of
Vnezapnaya to the north, he sent his men back to
their hornes. But suddenly, at the end of October,
he marched once more to the attack. The important
Russian fortress of Gherghebil on the southern
border of Avaria was stormed on the Bth of
November; out of the garrison only two officers
and a few men were left alive (according to Gurko’s
report). On the uth of November Shamyl sur
rounded the Russian commander-in-chief himself,
General Gurko, in his headquarters at Temir-
Khan-Shura; Khunsakh was abandoned by the
Russians, but they were surrounded on the march
at Ziriani on the 1 7th of November ; and thus all
the Russian forces in northern Daghestan were now
shut up in four forts. Gurko was relieved by General
Freitag, and the other detachments were also
rescued ; but by the end ofNovember all the Russian
troops had been driven out of northern Daghes
tan. Shamyl was master of the situation, and was
stronger than ever before. The Russian losses since
the 27th of August were 92 officers, 2,528 men,
12 fortified places, and 27 guns.

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