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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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residence, by State Consuls, who are specially trained
for the exercise of their functions, are subjected to
special professional examinations, and are subjects of
the State whose interests they represent.

This tendency in favour of a Consular
representation by trained specialists has, however, its limits, as
it would not be advisable to increase the number of
State Consuls too largely. In places of small
importance a State Consul, who is bound to have no
occupation outside his Consular duties, would be in an isolated
position and would not have sufficient employment
to justify the extra expense to the Exchequer. The
institution of Elective Consular Officers is thus seen
to be a necessary one, the principle of co-operation of
State Consuls with Elective Consuls having been adopted
by nearly all civilised States. The Russian Consular
Service comprises 144 State Consulates and 321 Elective

While State Consuls, from their intimate
acquaintance with the affairs of their own country, their special
knowledge and their entire independence of foreign
influence, are able effectually to promote the interests
of the State they represent, Elective Consular Officers
are particularly useful in cases where a precise
knowledge of local trade and customs is required. It is,
however, an essential requirement for the practical
efficiency of Elective Consular Officers that they have
an adequate knowledge of their duties and also of the
work of State Consuls. Elective Consular Officers are
frequently under the necessity of applying to the State
Consuls of their districts for advice and assistance in
matters which are exclusively within the competency
of State Officers. They should, therefore, be fully
acquainted with the manner in which the duties of
State Consular Officials are performed; should know
what the functions of these officials are, and what laws,
regulations, and prescriptions are observed in specific

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