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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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3 3 June To Mr. X. Re coal prices i XIV.
4 3 June From the Consul at
Newcastle-on-Tyne. Enclosing flag patent for ship " ROSSIJA." 5 IV.
5 4 June To do. Returning receipt, signed by
Captain, for flag patent, ship " ROSSIJA." 4 IV.

The above shows the method of making the entries.

Letters received are entered in black ink, while those sent are
recorded in ordinary red ink. In the example given above, the entry at
No. 2 is to the effect that the Consular Officer has sent to the State
Consul at Newcastle, the documents necessary in order to obtain
a flag patent for the ship " Rossija," and column 5 contains the
number 4, which is the current number of the answer received from
the Consul at Newcastle, and is inserted when the answer is entered
in the book ; a cross-reference in the same column at number 4,
pointing back to the original letter, No. 2. Column 5 at No. 4, further
contains the index number 5, which is the next and final letter in the
affair, as the delivery by the Captain of a signed undertaking to report
himself at a Russian port with 12 months after receipt of the
provisional flag patent is the last stage in such a transaction. In this
instance there are only three numbers, but it frequently happens
that particular cases involve considerable correspondence : by the
system here recommended, the progress and present position of any
affair may be traced by referring to the numbers in column 5. As
soon as a matter is disposed of it is filed and the file is indicated by
a Roman figure in column 6. In the case of the provisional flag
patent, the correspondence is filed under No. IV., viz., " Purchase
and Sale of Ships ; Flag Patents."

Another simpler and more efficient method of filing and
registering the official correspondence is with the aid of a card index
(" Stolzenberg " or " Shannon ") to be used in conjunction with the
correspondence book No. 1. The card index consists of 500 to 800
cards 4! in. by 6yo in. conveniently placed in a special drawer. Each
card is divided into 5 columns : one for the current number of the
letter ; one for the date ; one for the name of the sender or addressee ;
one to contain a brief abstract of the contents of the letter, and one
in which is shown the number of the file to which the letter belongs.
The top of each card, moreover, is reserved for the index title of the
card to which it relates. The cards are arranged alphabetically in
the drawer according to the index title. Various methods of writing
the index titles may be adopted, according to convenience or special
requirements. For instance, at the Consulate General in London the
cards relating to affairs in file II. (see first part of present chapter)
bear as index titles the names of the persons to whom the specific
cases refer, those relating to affairs in file IV., V., VI.—the names
of the ships or persons concerned, while those relating to other files are
inscribed with the number of the particular file.

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