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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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3. Book No. III. is intended for the entering in terms of Russian
currency of all sums received in the form of fees according to the
Consular Tariff, and must be kept as follows

i. Current Number. 2. Date. [-3-§-] {+3- §+} Of the Tariff. 4- Reference Number of Book and Entry. 5- Description of Document or Act. 6. Amount of Fees levied in Russian Currency. Rs. cops.
50 i March 9 30" Power of attorney 3 —
51 24 2 VI Ship duties," Rossija " 7 60
52 » 13 5/K Will –- - 8 50

The method of making the entries in this book is not difficult to

The number 30" in the fourth column of the model shown above,
means that the power of attorney legalised on the 1st March, was
the 30th entry in Book II., since the beginning of the year ; the
number 2r/ shows, in like manner, that the Russian ship " Rossija "
was the second ship to clear from the Consulate and was, therefore,
entered as No. 2 in Book VI. of the said Consulate ; the number ,
again, shows that the will entered on the 1st March in Book IV. of
the Consulate, was the fifth to be so entered, from the beginning of
the year.

4. Book No. IV. is reserved for entering, word for word, the text
of all wills presented open at the Consulate, and for the registration
of all sealed packets containing wills which are deposited with the
Consulate—with a detailed entry in both cases of the manner in which
the wills were delivered, i.e., whether they were presented by the
testator in person or sent ; and, if so, when, by whom, by what means,
&c. The wills, with all signatures and counter signatures, must be
entered, successively, without any space between them. The entries
must contain no erasures, but, in case of mistakes, the words to be
effaced must be crossed out in such a manner that they remain legible,
and the words to replace them must be written above the line. Every
insertion or correction of words must be expressly mentioned and
attested by the Consul. The entry must be signed by the testators
or their attorneys, at foot. Sealed packets containing wills must be
firmly tied with crossed strings and sealed with the Consular seal, to
prevent any substitution. All official reports made on the subject
of the wills must likewise be entered in this book.

The following plan is to be observed for this book :—


Contents of Wills word for word with all signatures and attestations of same;
protocols referring to the deposition of Wills with the Consular Officer and
signatures of persons who deposited them ; all protocols referring to Wills.

Signatures of
Persons who
received Copies
or Extracts.

5. Book No. V. contains the record of all measures taken after
the death of a Russian subject, either in the interests of his children


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