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p. hi., ch. i.

and the heads of the quarantine districts of Odessa, Kertch and

According to the decisions of the Commission established by
Imperial decrees of 27th December 1899 and 12th March 1902 for the
prevention of infection with plague and the measures to be taken
against its propagation, all vessels coming from foreign ports which
are infected with cholera or plague, and arriving at one of the Russian
ports of the Black Sea, are subject before being admitted into such
ports to a term of quarantine at Theodosia. Vessels from ports which
are not infected with cholera or plague are admitted for disinfection
at the quarantine at Odessa.2

CHAPTER II.—Measures for the Prevention of
the Spread of Infectious Diseases in the
Baltic Ports.

The protection of the shores of the Baltic Sea from plague and yellow
fever is entrusted to the Swedish quarantine station at Kenso (in the
Cattegat). The arrangement is, that with regard to vessels destined
for Russian ports, their cargoes, crews, &c., See., the Kenso quarantine
authorities shall observe the same rules as are prescribed by Swedish
quarantine law for vessels proceeding to Swedish ports.3

All vessels proceeding to Russian Baltic ports4 or to ports in
Finland, if coming from Morocco, Tunis, Algiers, Egypt or any other
foreign country situated on the shores of the Mediterranean or Black
Seas, are required to produce a Bill of Health granted at the port of
sailing and attested by a Russian Consul, or agent, or, in the absence
of such, by a Swedish Consul or, if there is no Swedish Consul, by the
Consular Officer of some other State, as may be decided by the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs.5

In the event of the same vessel calling at any other port or ports
in one of the countries mentioned above, the Russian Consular Officer

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 9th March

2 Letter of the Russian Ministry of the Interior of 21st April 1904, No. 621, to
the Russian Embassy in London.

3 Circular of the II. Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 1st May

1865, No.

J 160

4 Code of Medical Reg., Art. 1217.

6 Ibid., Art. 1218 : Imp. Decree of 14th November 1871, with regard to rules
of quarantine as applied to Finland ; circular of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of November 23rd, No. —note.



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