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importation of

duties on
Ceylon and
Indian teas.

(b) the importation by rail with direct invoices, i.e., by invoices naming
the place of dispatch in the country of origin of the goods and the
place of their destination in Russia, even though the goods may pass
through other countries.

By the term " indirect importation " of goods into Russia from
the countries of their origin, through countries in respect of which
increased duties are not levied, it is to be understood : (a) the
importation of goods with transhipment or unloading in a port of one
of such countries, in order that they may be forwarded from such
port to Russia, either by rail or by sea ; (g) the importation of goods
by rail, not by direct invoices, i.e., by invoices naming as point of
dispatch some place in the country through which the goods have
to pass in order to enter Russia.1

The Consular fees for drawing up, or legalising, certificates of
origin of goods loaded by ships, are levied in accordance with Art. 26
of the Consular Tariff ; for drawing up certificates of origin of other
goods—in accordance with Art. 5, and for legalising such documents
in accordance with Art. 9. Certificates of origin of French and Italian
goods are drawn up or attested free of charge, there being an
agreement as to reciprocity with these countries.

In consequence of the raising of the customs duties on Ceylon
and Indian teas imported into Russia by way of her European frontiers,
an Imperial order of the 15th August 1903 provides that the origin
of teas on which import duties are paid may be proved as follows :—

1. By the production of invoices or letters from the consignors,
whose signatures have been attested by local Russian Missions,
Consulates, or Consular Agencies, the documents being stamped with
their official seals.

2. By the production of certificates of origin issued by the local
Russian Missions, Consulates, or Consular Agencies and bearing the
official seal.

The aforesaid documents must contain particulars of the number
of parcels of the goods, their marks and numbers, and the net and
gross weight. If the goods are imported into Russia directly from
the country of their origin, it is sufficient to produce one of the
aforesaid documents. When the goods enter Russia indirectly from the
country of their origin, the invoices or letters mentioned above must
be produced either in the original or in duly certified copies. An
explanation from the Department of Customs Duties of the 1st
November 1903, No. 32,190, states, that in such cases, invoices and letters
issued by the proprietors of depots (in Amsterdam, Hamburg, London,
&c.) will be accepted as sufficient. In the case of teas proceeding
from custom house depots, it is necessary, in addition to the above
documents, to produce certificates issued by and stamped with the
official seal of such depots, to the effect that the parcels of goods in
question, having been imported from the country of their origin, have
not left the custody of the depot until the moment of their export to

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of the 24th September 1893, No.

334 ’

54, 55.

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