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VISA OF PASSPORTS. P. iv., Ch. ii.

Special passport facilities are accorded to persons residing near
the frontier.

The complementary Russo-German Treaty of the 15/28 July 1904
provided for special passports to be issued free of charge (from the
1st April to the 20th December new style) to agricultural labourers
proceeding to Germany. These passports do not require the Consular

To persons residing near the Russo-German frontier, certificates
of identity, available for 28 days, are issued. These certificates
have legal validity within 30 kilometres of the frontier and convey
the right to their holders to cross the frontier repeatedly at various
points. The period of validity is counted, by both sides, from the
day upon which the certificate is used to enable the holder to cross
the frontier for the first time, with the proviso that such certificates
lose their force if they are not utilised within 15 days from date of
issue. The period of 28 days during which these certificates are
valid will in no case be altered as a consequence of New Year’s Day
falling within that period. Certificates of identity in two languages—
German and Russian—are issued, by either side, exclusively to subjects
of the two countries permanently residing in the country in which
such certificates are applied for. German subjects had not to pay
more than 50 copecks for their Russian passports, in accordance with
the afore-mentioned Russo-German complementary treaty.

As the purpose of the visa is to certify the fact that the bearer
is to be admitted into the country, only such passports are subject
to the visa as serve to enable foreigners to enter Russia.

On arriving at his destination in Russia, a foreigner is required
to produce his passport to the local police. After the expiration of
six months from the date of their first crossing the Russian frontier,
foreigners residing in Russia must provide themselves with Russian
passports (costing 5 roubles and 50 cops.).1 An exception to this
rule is made in the case of agricultural labourers from Galicia and
Bukovina, who are permitted to make one unbroken sojourn of one
year in the Government of Bessarabia, on their national passports
on which the Russian Consul, when giving the visa, makes a note
to the effect that the bearer is an agricultural labourer travelling in
Russia in search of work.

The Russian frontier authorities make a note on the passport of
every foreigner entering the Empire, stating the time during which
he may remain in Russia before he is obliged to provide himself with
a Russian passport for foreigners,’2 which is issued for a period of
one year. After this time has elapsed, the foreigner must request
that a new passport be granted to him.3

On leaving Russia, foreigners are required to obtain from the
local police, at a charge of 1 rouble for stamp duties, &c., a permit
to do so, declaring that there are no obstacles to their leaving the
Empire. The Russian foreign passport belonging to a foreigner
who is about to leave the country must be exchanged for a special

1 Imperial Ukas of 28th July 1900 ; Passport Reg., Art. 139.

2 Circular of the Russian Ministry of Home Affairs of 19th July 1873, No. 105 -

Passport Reg., Art. 139. 3 Passport Reg., Art. 137.

§§ 61, 62.

facilities for

Passports of
in Russia.

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