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§ 68.
lor Russian

issued by

CHAPTER III.—Passports for Russian Subjects.

Everyone who proceeds abroad, or returns to Russia, must produce
a valid and authentic passport at the frontier, before entering or
leaving the Empire.1

The issuing of personal legitimation papers belongs to the province
of State Consular Officers only.

Passports are issued by Russian State Consular authorities in the
following cases only :—

1. When Russian subjects who have been taken prisoners by an
enemy and then released, desire to return home.2

2. When Russian subjects who have been shipwrecked, are sent

3. When two or more Russian subjects who have left home on a
•collective passport desire to return home separately, at different
times. In such cases they must apply to a Russian State Consul,
who will supply them each with a single passport. The original
collective passport is left with the Consul, who returns it to the
particular authority in Russia by whom it was issued. The Consular
passport thus issued has the same validity as the original collective
one, and contains all the particulars mentioned therein, such as the
date of issue, the number of the collective passport, the date when
the bearer crossed the frontier, and the amount of passport duties
paid. Each passport issued by the Consul must also show that, in
each individual case, the passport fees due thereon are to be paid
to the frontier authorities on the bearer re-entering Russia.4 In
addition, a Consular fee of three roubles, to be paid in English money
—6s. 5d.—and the amount of postage for sending the collective
passport to Russia under registered cover, must be paid on receipt of
the document. If more than five years have elapsed from the date
of the issue of the collective passport, it loses its validity, and cannot
be exchanged for a Consular single passport.

The fees to be paid to frontier authorities for single passports
issued by State Consuls differ in the following cases :—

(a) If a single passport has been issued after the expiration of
half a year for which passport duties have been paid on a collective
passport, then the duties for this single passport must be paid to
the frontier authorities to the full amount, counting from the date
when that half year elapsed.

(b) If a single passport be issued during the half year for which
passport duties have been paid on the collective passport, but if the
bearer of the single passport does not return to Russia until after
the expiration of that half year, the passport duties for this single
passport must be paid dating from the issue of the single passport :
50 copecks for the printing of the passport, and 9 roubles 50 copecks

1 Customs Reg., Ed. 1904, Art. 702.

2 See " Liberated Prisoners of War."

3 See " Shipwreck and average of Russian Vessels."

4 Passport Reg., Ed. 1903, Arts. 200, 204, 205. Circulars of the II.
Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 19th July 1907, No. 9747,
and of 21st June 19x2, No. 8224 ; Ukas of His Majesty of 21st January 1905 ;
Ukas of the Governing Senate of 8th August 1907, No. 7165.

§ 68, 69.

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