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separately, those who intend to leave later should provide themselves
with separate passports on the strength of the plural passport. This
is necessary because the Russian plural passports are retained by the
frontier authorities, when produced by the first person mentioned in
the passport who crosses the frontier.

Special agreements have been entered into with regard to
passports for Russian subjects abroad, by the rules of the overland trade
between Russia and China of the 4th August 1881, according to which
the Chinese authorities have the right to stop Russian merchants
who have crossed the frontier without papers of identity and to convey
them to the nearest Russian State Consul to be punished, and, if said
identity papers have been lost by them, to be provided with new ones.

The treaty between Russia and Corea of the 25th June 1884, Art. 6,
and the rules to be observed in the overland trade between Russia
and Corea of the 8th August 1888, provide that Russian subjects are
permitted to travel in Corea without papers of identity, but not nearer
than within 100 Corean miles (li) of Keng-Cheng. Russians who bear
Russian papers of identity are permitted to travel in any part of Corea.
Any Russian subject who is found to be without papers of identity
in one of the forbidden provinces referred to, will be brought before
the nearest State Consul for punishment,

Passport forms must be kept under lock and key by the Consular
Officer or his representative. When the stock of them has run out,
the Consular Officer must apply to the First Depaitment of the Russian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting that a new supply be sent to
him. In doing so the number of passports which are left must be
mentioned, as well as the number of passports which were issued, and
the number of those which have been spoilt.

The spoilt forms must be presented together with the request for
a new stock of forms.1

Russian subjects who are born abroad, who have never been to
Russia, and who have no Russian passport and who are defaulters
from Russian Military Service, cannot be supplied with a certificate
proving that they are Russian subjects. The only document that
can be given to them is a certificate enabling them to return to Russia
as soon as possible.2

All documents issued to Russian subjects to enable them to return
to Russia, must contain a photograph and the signature of bearer,
Consular attestation of both, indication as to nationality, whether a
native of Russia or a naturalised subject, and in the latter case the
date of naturalisation, the name of the State to which the subject
previously belonged and the object of travelling to Russia.3

Certificates of nationality can only be given by State Consuls.
Russian subjects who have left Russia without a regular passport
for going abroad, cannot be given such certificates to enable them
to-live abroad ; they may only receive certificates for returning to Russia.

1 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
12th October 1911, No. 9950.

2 Letter of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
13th May T915, No. 5639.

3 Temporary Passport Rules confirmed on the 14th July 1915 by His Majesty
the Emperor.


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