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place of its situation, and any claim regarding this part of the estate
belongs exclusively to the competency of the local courts. In cases
when the estate consists either wholly or partially of real property,
which according to the laws of the country, may not be possessed by
the heirs if they be foreigners, sufficient respite will be allowed to
the parties interested, so as to enable them to dispose of the property
in the way most advantageous to themselves. In order to ensure
that these stipulations are properly carried out, the local authorities
must be careful to inform the Consular or Diplomatic officers of every
case of death of a Russian subject which occurs in his Consular or
Diplomatic district."

In more recent times, Russia has concluded more detailed and
precise conventions with regard to property left by deceased Russian
subjects. The terms of those concluded with France on the 20th
March/ist April 1874 ; with Germany on the 31st October/i2th
November 1874 ; with Italy on the i6th/28th April 1875 ; with
Spain on the I4th/26th June 1876 ; with Sweden and Norway on the
28th March/9th April 1889 ; with Denmark on the 22nd April/5th
May 1913, and with Greece on the i7th/3oth August 1913, are
nearly identical. According to these, the local authorities must
notify to the Russian Consular Officer the death of a Russian subject,
and vice versa. The official seals must be affixed to the belongings
of deceased and an inventory be made by the Consul (Art. 1 and 2).
The local authority hands over to the Russian Consul all movables
and documents (Art. 4) and they remain in his hands on deposit during
six months from the publication of the last notice by the local
authorities of the opening of the succession, or, if no such publication has
taken place, during eight months from the date of the death
(Art. 5).

The Convention with Denmark contains besides, a series of more
detailed provisions. The local authorities must provide for the usual
publications about the opening of the succession and the convocation
of the heirs and creditors, and communicate these publications to
the Consular Officer, who is at liberty to make use of them as he thinks
fit (Art. 4). Wills contained in sealed envelopes must be opened
by the Consular Officer (Art. 5). The Consular Officer is obliged to
declare to the local authority the amount of the estate left, not later
than eight months from the date of the death of the deceased.
Succession duty is due to the State when the opening of the succession
has taken place only in such parts of the estate which are in the
territory of the State. Russians in Denmark, and Danes in Russia do
not pay higher succession duties than the natives themselves of these
countries (Art. 6). Personal estate which must be liquidated for
economic reasons is sold by public auction by the local authorities
at the request of the Consular Officer. The latter has the right to
pay out of the estate which is left, the expenses of the last illness and
funeral of the deceased, the wages of his servants, and the rent and
cost of living of his relatives until the date of his decease (Art. 7).

The Convention with Sweden and Norway differs from those with
France, Germany, Italy and Spain in that the Russian Consul is not
only allowed to advertise for the heirs of the deceased, but he is obliged

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