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2. Builder’s certificate or bill of sale ;

3. Measure brief (ship’s register) ;

4. Certificate of survey from the Russian authorities.

The forms for liag-patents are supplied by the Section for
Commercial Shipping to the custom houses and port officials and by these
to the ships.1 The customs officials certify the date and place of
issue of flag-patents and affix their seal recording the same on the
deed of ownership of the vessel. The fee is 90 copecks for ordinary
paper and six roubles for parchment.2 The owners are further required
to pay 30 copecks per last if the patent is granted for over-sea trade
and 15 copecks if for coasting vessels. All these duties are collected
by the custom houses or, where such do not exist, by the port

Russian subjects buying whalers, or ships intended for other
industries in the waters of the Murman coast, do not require to put
into a Russian port for the purpose of having the vessel registered
and of making application for the flag-patent. The registration of such
vessels at Russian ports and the issue of flag-patents is effected by the
custom house, at the request of the owner of the vessel, on his forwarding
copies, attested by a Consul, of the documents enumerated above and
of the provisional patent granting the right to hoist the Russian flag,
or on the certification by a Russian Consul that there are no obstacles
to the granting of a patent to the applicant. The fees, viz., 30 copecks
per last, for ships engaged in over-sea trade, and 15 copecks for coasting
vessels, must accompany the application.4 The capacity of the vessel
is determined on the basis of the measure-brief, which must be attested
by the Consul, if it is granted by the authorities of one of the States
with which Russia has entered into an agreement respecting the mutual
acceptance of measure-briefs. Patents issued to vessels of this
description by the custom houses must expressly state that such vessels are
permitted to sail in the waters of the Murman coast.5

Sea-going and river vessels, entire, with or without complete
rigging, pay duty as folic ws :—

According to the Russian law of 5th June 1912, sea-going iron vessels
with their equipment are admitted into Russia free of duty until the
ist-i4th January 1928.

Iron vessels’intended for navigation on rivers and lakes or on the
Caspian Sea, and also coasting steamers, barges and floating cranes
intended for work in sea-ports ; pay 30 roubles per ton gross register,
and, if propelled by steam, four roubles 50 copecks for every square
foot of heating surface of boilers.

Wooden vessels for river or sea navigation pay 12 roubles per ton
gross register and, if propelled by steam, four roubles 50 copecks for
every square foot of heating surface of boilers.

Articles included in the ship’s inventory (except such as are
absolutely nccessary for the regular and safe navigation of the vessel or
are securely fited to her hull, also with the exception of the anchors,
chains and hawsers mentioned below, and imported for the purpose
of fitting out and rigging sea-going sailing vessels,) are assessed under

1 Trade Reg., Art. 130. 2 Ibid., Art. 13г.

3 Trade Reg., Art. 132. 4 Ibid., Arts. 142-148. 6 Ibid., Art. 126.

Duty on [-newly-purchased-]


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