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blow with the axe. If this is not possible, he must instruct the first
and second mate and two or three of the ship’s crew to do so.
Likewise, if part of the cargo has to be jettisoned in order to lighten the
ship, a representative of the owner of the cargo, if present on board,
must, if possible, be the first to jettison. Should he decline to do so,
and the captain consider the step necessary, he must give orders to
two or three of the ship’s crew to throw the cargo overboard. In
this case it is necessary, as far as conditions permit, to jettison
those goods which are of less worth and to preserve the more valuable.
If a Russian merchant ship has on board ordnance or ammunition, or
commissariat, or other army or navy stores belonging to the Russian
Government, they must not be jettisoned, unless, by sacrificing part,
the remainder can be saved ; and this must be done with care, the
captain being held responsible for such cargo.

If, for some reason, the captain has not been able to comply with
the instructions contained in the Articles, he must state the reasons
in his report. This report, together with a list of the goods that have
been saved, is annexed to the Consul’s " protocol," and a certified
copy of the latter is sent by the Consul to the Section for Commercial
Shipping. A second copy of the protocol and one of the inventory
of the goods saved, together with a copy of the captain’s report, must
be sent to the owners of the cargo, either directly through their
correspondent or, if there is no such correspondent, through the Section
for Commercial Shipping.

Finnish ships are also subject to the rules enumerated above. The
Finnish Sea Regulations (Art. 46) provide that: " In the event of
an accident in a foreign country, the captain must make a declaration
and report in accordance with the laws of that country." This
regulation only relates to the procedure in average. As regards the report
of the captain and the Consular " protocol" above described (Art. 62
of the Russian Consular Regulations), Finnish captains are under
the same obligation as Russian captains, it being obvious that the
Consul must exercise control over all ships sailing under the Russian
flag, and the drawing up of the protocol as above is essential to such
proper control.

The reports of Elective Consular Officers must be sent to their
State Consul.

The captain not having the right to incur any expenses for repairs
to the ship without the knowledge and consent of the agents or
correspondents of the owners, all accounts for repairs must be signed both
by the captain and by the correspondent or agent.1 The Consul only
attests their signatures.

2. In the second case, viz., if the charterers, or the owners of the
ship, have no correspondent or agent on the spot, or if such
correspondent or agent decline to interfere, the Consul, acting in his stead,
is solely responsible for any steps he takes and for any errors or
omissions which may be rightly imputed to him. He is strongly
recommended, therefore, to secure the co-operation of the underwriters of
the ship and cargo, who should proceed with the salvage operations

1 Trades Reg., Art. 218.

Jettison of [-Government property.-]
ment pro-

§ 332.

§ 333.
Finnish ships.

§ 334.
in absence
of agent of

(See § 328.)

§§ 331, 332,

333, 334.

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