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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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16. For checking the correctness of an inventory of

property presented at the Consulate—one-fourth
of the fees chargeable according to paragraph (a)
of the preceding article.

17. For affixing and removing seals and drawing up

protocols when this is done independently of the

inventory of property.....30065 80 6 48 3 84 7 62 5 76 35 14 1 43 1 54 413

18. For taking charge of a parcel containing documents,

with the exception of wills (Art. 14) per month - о 75 0 1 7І 20 i 62 9 96 i 90 і 44 8 79 о 36 о 39 14
Note.—When a packet is left in the custody of
the Consul the fees must be paid for six
months in advance.

19. For taking charge of property, except of the kind

mentioned in Art. 20 and the note to Art. 15,
$th per cent, of the estimated value of the
property per month, counting part of a month
as a whole one. In addition, the person leaving
the property in charge of the Consul, is obliged
to pay the expense of renting suitable
accommodation, of hiring watchmen, and any other
expenses that may be incurred in guarding the

20. For taking charge of money, funds, shares, bank-

notes, &c., j1! per cent, per month, part of a
month being reckoned as a whole one.1’ 2

1 Sections 19 and 20 are applied to property left by deceased Russian subjects only when such property is kept in the office of the Consular institution.
If the property of deceased remains in the hands of the heirs, or in the place where it was kept during the lifetime of the deceased, the duty of the
Consular Officer in safeguarding it is limited to the application of Art. 15 of the Tariff, and Arts. 19 and 20 are not applied.

2 Although Elective Consular Officers are entitled to take charge of money, valuables, &c., belonging to Russian subjects and to apply Art. 20 of oj
the Tariff, they are not at liberty to charge the expenses incurred for depositing such valuables for safety with banks. . oj


§ 363.

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