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(1744) Author: Johan Helmich Roman - Tema: Music, Frihetstiden (Sweden 1719-1772)
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Denna sida finns också på svenska.

An electronic edition by Johan Tufvesson.

The work

The "Bilägersmusiquen" or "The Drottningholm music" is written by Johan Helmich Roman. He wrote it for the wedding between the successor of the throne, Adolf Fredrik, and Lovisa Ulrika at the Drottningholm castle 1744. In its complete form it is 24 movement for different orchestral setups. The 24 movements were probably performed not all at once, but rather spread out over several happenings.

This edition

This is still an uncomplete edition. The original used is a facsimile of the score in Romans own hand. The facsimile is published by Autographus Musicus, Stockholm. I have not done any research concerning the eventual occurrence of loose parts, something I should do to get a more complete picture of the work.

I have tried to be as close to the original as possible. When I have made a change it is either enclosed in parenthesis or printed above the staff.

Here I publish a growing list of movements. The list will expand as I finish a new movement. For the shorter movements, only the score is published, but for the longer ones there will be a set of parts too. All the scores are distributed as 600 DPI PostScript files suitable for doublesided printout. They can also be printed single sided. To make it easier to see what a movement looks like, there is a GIF picture of the first page of each score.

Sometime in the future, I hope to be able to release a complete edition with all the movements. Dont hold your breath though.

The music

1 + 4 pages means 1 frontpage and 4 pages of music.

The sourcecode (in PMX) for all this music can be obtained as a ZIP file.

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