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(1908) [MARC]
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Kansanvalistusseuran julkaisema


Preface to the electronic edition

Kirjastolehti is the Finnish library journal, published since 1908 by the Finnish library association (Suomen kirjastoseura). Read more about the journal in Wikipedia. Current issues are available online. Old volumes have been digitized by the national library of Finland, from where scanned images and OCR text for the first year 1908 were copied to Project Runeberg in September 2012. The reason is to provide easier access and searchability, as the contents of the original website does not seem to be indexed by search engines such as Google. Separate from the digitization, the Finnish National Repository Library (Varastokirjasto) in Kuopio has compiled a table of contents covering several years of this journal, which makes our indexing easier.

Unfortunately, the scanning resolution was quite low, estimated to 150 dpi, page images being only 771 pixels wide. They were scaled to double size before being uploaded to Project Runeberg, which is a poor substitute for scanned images in higher resolution.

Sisällys / Table of Contents


Korrstaplar / Proof bars for subvolumes


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