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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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say it was not a success, very far from it. The
lead coffin was soldered in my presence, the
outer oak coffin was enclosed in an ordinary
deal packing-case according to the railway
regulations. The rest was to be done by the
undertaker in charge of the transport of the body by
rail to Lübeck and from there by ship to
Stockholm. The sum of money I had received from
the mother for the journey home was hardly
sufficient to pay the bill of the hotel. I protested
in vain against the exorbitant charge for the
bedding and the carpet in the room the boy had
died in. When all was settled I had barely
enough money left to pay my own journey to
Paris. I had never been out of the house since
my arrival, all I had seen of Heidelberg had been
the garden of the Hôtel de l’Europe under my
windows. I thought I might at least have a
look at the famous old ruined castle before leaving
Heidelberg where I hoped never to return. As
I was standing by the parapet of the castle
terrace looking down upon the Neckar valley at
my feet, a dachshund puppy came rushing up
to me as fast as his crooked little legs could carry
his long, slender body, and started licking me all
over the face. His cunning eyes had discovered
my secret at the first glance. My secret was
that I had always been longing to possess just
such a little Waldmann as these fascinating dogs
are called in their own native country. Hard
up though I was I bought Waldmann at once for
fifty marks and we returned in triumph to the
Hôtel Victoria, Waldmann trotting close to my
heels without a leash, quite certain that his

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