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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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master was I and nobody else. There was an
extra charge in the morning for something about
the carpet in my room. My patience was at an
end, I had already spent eight hundred marks
on carpets in the Hôtel Victoria. Two hours
later I presented the carpet in the boy’s room to
an old cobbler I had seen sitting mending a pair
of boots outside his poor home full of ragged
children. The director of the hotel was
speechless with rage, but the cobbler got his carpet.
My mission in Heidelberg was ended, I decided
to take the morning train for Paris. In the
night I changed my mind and decided to go to
Sweden anyhow. My arrangements for being
away from Paris for a fortnight were already
made, Norstrom was to look after my patients
during my absence, I had already wired to my
brother that I was coming to stay with him in
the old home for a couple of days, surely such
an opportunity for a holiday in Sweden would
never return. My one thought was to clear out
from the Hôtel Victoria. It was too late to
catch the passenger train for Berlin, I decided
to take the goods train in the evening, the same
that was conveying the body of the boy to
Lübeck and to go on with the same Swedish
steamer to Stockholm. As I was sitting down
to my supper in the buffet of the station I was
informed by the waiter that dogs were
“verboten” in the restaurant. I put a five-mark
piece in his hand and Waldmann under the table,
and was just beginning to eat my supper when a
stentorian voice from the door called out:

“Der Leichenbegleiter!”

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