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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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vagn (-en, -ar), carriage, wa
gon, car.
vaken, awake.
vaknja (-ade), to wake up.
vakt (-en, -er), watch.
valkja (-ade), to work, roll.
valut|a (-an, -or), value.
van, accustomed; — vid, ac-
customed to.
vanlig, ordinary.
var, where; every; — och en,
everybody, all.
varla (-ade), to last.
vara (var, varit), to be; —
med om, to be engaged in,
to participate in.
varla (-an, -or), commodity,
varandra, each other; om —,
in confusion.
vardera, each.
varenda, every.
varför, why.
varit, $ee vara.
varje, each, every.
varken, neither; varken — el-
ler, neither — nor.
varm, warm. |
vars, whose, of which.
varse, aware; bliva —, to
varstans, everywhere.
vart, whither (soever).
vartannat, each other; om —,
promiscuously, in <confu-
vass, sharp, edged.
vatten (vattnet, —), water.
vattenbryn (-et, —), surface
of the water.
vattenkällla (-an, -or), spring.
vattenpelare (-n, —), pillar
of water.
vattenpöl (-en, -ar), pool of
vattentunnj|a (-an, -or), water
veckla (-an, -or), week.
vedbackle (-en, -ar), back
yard, where the wood is

vedlass (-et, —), load of

vek, see vika.

veknla (-ade), to soften.

velat, see vilja.

vem, who, whom.

ven, see vina. .

verand|a (-an, -or), veranda,

verkligen, really.

veta (visste, vetat), to know,
find out; — av, to beware

vettskrämd, frightened out of
one’s wits.

vi, we.

vid, wide.

vid, at, beside, to.

vidare, further, on; utan vi.
dare, without further ado.

videbuskle (-en, -ar), willow

vidrörla (-de, -t), to touch.

viftla (-ade), to wave, fan;
— med (or på) svansen, to
wag the tail.

vik (-en, -ar), bay.

vika (vek, vikit), to fold; re-
treat; — om ett hörn, to
turn a corner; — omkring
udden, to round the point.

viktigt, important.

vild, wild.

vildkatt (-en, -er or -or), wild.

vilja (ville, velat), to want
(to), wish, will.

vilken (vilket), who, which,
what; — som helst, any-
one (anything).

vill(e), see vilja.

villja (-an, -or), villa, sum-
mer residence.

villkor (-et, —), condition;
pl. circumstances.

vilse, astray.

vina (ven, vinit), to whistle.

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