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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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intend; — efter, to reflect,
consider; — på, to consider,
contemplate; — sig, to
fancy, imagine.

täpp|a (-an, -or), small
enclosure, croft, plat.

tät, compact, dense, solid.

tätare, more dense.

tätt, closely.

töras (tordes, torts), to dare.


udd|e (-en, -ar), point, cape.

ullig, woolly, fleecy.

undan, away, out of the way.

under, under, below, during.

underfund: komma underfund
find out, get to know,

underlig, wonderful, strange.

underligast, most remarkable.

underligt, strangely.

underläpp (-en, -ar), the lower

undr|a (-ade), to wonder.

ung, young.

ung|e (-en, -ar), young one.

upp, up.

upp|draga (-drog, -dragit), to
draw up.

uppe, up.

uppfostrad, brought up.

uppehåll (-et, —), pause, cessation.

uppför, up, up-hill.

upphissad, hoisted.

upplag|a (-an, -or), edition.

upplys|a (-te, -t), to inform,

upprep|a (-ade), to repeat.

uppriktig, sincere, open.

upprör|a (-de, -t), to disturb,
stir up.

uppseende (-t), attention,

upp|springa (-sprang, -sprungit),
to start up, run up.

uppspänd, put up.

upp|stiga (-steg, -stigit), to
ascend, rise.

upp|taga (-tog, -tagit), to take

upptäck|a (-te, -t), to discover.

uppåt, upwards, up.

ur, out of, from.

ur|skilja (-skilde, -skilt), to

ut, out.

utan, but, without.

utanför, outside (of).

utav, of.

utbyt|a (-te, -t), to exchange.

ute, out.

utför, down.

utifrån, from without.

utkast|a (-ade), to cast out,
throw out.

utmed, along, near, by.

utmärkt, splendid; adv.

utom, outside of, except;
beside one’s self.

uträtt|a (-ade), to do, perform;
— ett ärende, to perform
an errand.

utsikt (-en, -er), view, prospect.

utskick|a (-ade), to send out,

ut|sätta (-satte, -satt), to set

ut|stå (-stod, -stått), to endure.

utåt, along, towards.


vacker, pretty, pleasant, beautiful.

vackert, prettily, well.

vackrare, comp. of vacker.

vackrast, most beautiful.

vad, what, that; vad du är
how foolish you are;
vad för någonting, what?

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