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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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I did not once allow myself to doubt of obtaining a
conveyance from thence round the rocks—and then
away for Gothenburg—confinement is so unpleasant.

The day was fine, and I enjoyed the water till,
approaching the little island, poor Marguerite, whose
timidity always acts as a feeler before her adventuring
spirit, began to wonder at our not seeing any
inhabitants. I did not listen to her. But when, on landing,
the same silence prevailed, I caught the alarm, which
was not lessened by the sight of two old men whom we
forced out of their wretched hut. Scarcely human in
their appearance, we with difficulty obtained an
intelligible reply to our questions, the result of which was
that they had no boat, and were not allowed to quit
their post on any pretence. But they informed us that
there was at the other side, eight or ten miles over, a
pilot’s dwelling. Two guineas tempted the sailors to
risk the captain’s displeasure, and once more embark
to row me over.

The weather was pleasant, and the appearance of the
shore so grand that I should have enjoyed the two
hours it took to reach it, but for the fatigue which was
too visible in the countenances of the sailors, who,
instead of uttering a complaint, were, with the
thoughtless hilarity peculiar to them, joking about the
possibility of the captain’s taking advantage of a slight
westerly breeze, which was springing up, to sail
without them. Yet, in spite of their good humour, I could
not help growing uneasy when the shore, receding, as
it were, as we advanced, seemed to promise no end to
their toil. This anxiety increased when, turning into

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