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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the most picturesque bay I ever saw, my eyes sought
in vain for the vestige of a human habitation. Before
I could determine what step to take in such a dilemma
(for I could not bear to think of returning to the ship),
the sight of a barge relieved me, and we hastened towards
it for information. We were immediately directed
to pass some jutting rocks, when we should see
a pilot’s hut.

There was a solemn silence in this scene which made
itself be felt. The sunbeams that played on the ocean,
scarcely ruffled by the lightest breeze, contrasted with
the huge dark rocks, that looked like the rude materials
of creation forming the barrier of unwrought space,
forcibly struck me, but I should not have been sorry
if the cottage had not appeared equally tranquil. Approaching
a retreat where strangers, especially women,
so seldom appeared, I wondered that curiosity did not
bring the beings who inhabited it to the windows or
door. I did not immediately recollect that men who
remain so near the brute creation, as only to exert
themselves to find the food necessary to sustain life,
have little or no imagination to call forth the curiosity
necessary to fructify the faint glimmerings of
mind which entitle them to rank as lords of the creation.
Had they either they could not contentedly
remain rooted in the clods they so indolently cultivate.

Whilst the sailors went to seek for the sluggish inhabitants,
these conclusions occurred to me; and, recollecting
the extreme fondness which the Parisians
ever testify for novelty, their very curiosity appeared
to me a proof of the progress they had made in

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