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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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partaking of their hardness, and nothing like vegetable
life appears to cheer with hope the heart.

So far from thinking that the primitive inhabitants
of the world lived in a southern climate where Paradise
spontaneously arose, I am led to infer, from various
circumstances, that the first dwelling of man happened
to be a spot like this which led him to adore a sun so
seldom seen; for this worship, which probably
preceded that of demons or demigods, certainly never
began in a southern climate, where the continual
presence of the sun prevented its being considered
as a good; or rather the want of it never being felt,
this glorious luminary would carelessly have diffused
its blessings without being hailed as a benefactor.
Man must therefore have been placed in the north, to
tempt him to run after the sun, in order that the
different parts of the earth might be peopled. Nor do
I wonder that hordes of barbarians always poured out
of these regions to seek for milder climes, when
nothing like cultivation attached them to the soil,
especially when we take into the view that the
adventuring spirit, common to man, is naturally stronger
and more general during the infancy of society. The
conduct of the followers of Mahomet, and the crusaders,
will sufficiently corroborate my assertion.

Approaching nearer to Stromstad, the appearance of
the town proved to be quite in character with the
country we had just passed through. I hesitated to
use the word country, yet could not find another; still
it would sound absurd to talk of fields of rocks.

The town was built on and under them. Three or

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