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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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yet they appear very much attached to their Prince
Royal, and, as far as rumour can give an idea of a
character, he appears to merit their attachment. When
I am at Copenhagen, I shall be able to ascertain on
what foundation their good opinion is built; at present
I am only the echo of it.

In the year 1788 he travelled through Norway; and
acts of mercy gave dignity to the parade, and interest
to the joy his presence inspired. At this town he
pardoned a girl condemned to die for murdering an
illegitimate child, a crime seldom committed in this
country. She is since married, and become the careful
mother of a family. This might be given as an instance,
that a desperate act is not always a proof of an
incorrigible depravity of character, the only plausible excuse
that has been brought forward to justify the infliction
of capital punishments.

I will relate two or three other anecdotes to you, for
the truth of which I will not vouch because the facts
were not of sufficient consequence for me to take much
pains to ascertain them; and, true or false, they evince
that the people like to make a kind of mistress of their

An officer, mortally wounded at the ill-advised battle
of Quistram, desired to speak with the prince; and
with his dying breath, earnestly recommended to his
care a young woman of Christiania, to whom he was
engaged. When the prince returned there, a ball was
given by the chief inhabitants : he inquired whether
this unfortunate girl was invited, and requested that
she might, though of the second class. The girl came;

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