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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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Windsor may be an exception to this rule ; I mean
before it was in its present nice, clean state. When I
first saw it, the pillars within had acquired, by time,
a sombre hue, which accorded with the architecture;
and the gloom increased its dimensions to the eye by
hiding its parts; but now it all bursts on the view at
once, and the sublimity has vanished before the brush
and broom; for it has been white-washed and scraped
till it has become as bright and neat as the pots and
pans in a notable house-wife’s kitchen——yes; the very
spurs on the recumbent knights were deprived of their
venerable rust, to give a striking proof that a love of
order in trifles, and taste for proportion and
arrangement, are very distinct. The glare of light thus
introduced entirely destroys the sentiment these piles
are calculated to inspire; so that, when I heard
something like a jig from the organ-loft, I thought it an
excellent hall for dancing or feasting. The measured
pace of thought with which I had entered the cathedral
changed into a trip; and I bounded on the terrace, to
see the royal family, with a number of ridiculous
images in my head that I shall not now recall.

The Norwegians are fond of music, and every little
church has an organ. In the church I have
mentioned there is an inscription importing that a king——
James VI. of Scotland and I. of England, who
came with more than princely gallantry to escort his
bride home——stood there, and heard divine service.

There is a little recess full of coffins, which contains
bodies embalmed long since——so long, that there is not
even a tradition to lead to a guess at their names.

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