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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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be surprised to see the cleanliness and comfort of tlio
dwelling. The shelves are not only shining with
pewter and queen’s ware, but some articles in silver,
more ponderous, it is true, than elegant. The linen is
good, as well as white. All the females spin, and there
is a loom in the kitchen. A sort of individual taste
appeared in the arrangement of the furniture (this is
not the place for imitation) and a kindness in their
desire to oblige. How superior to the apish politeness
of the towns ! where the people, affecting to be well
bred, fatigue with their endless ceremony.
The mistress is a widow, her daughter is married to
a pilot, and has three cows. They have a little patch
of land at about the distance of two English miles,
where they make hay for the winter, which they bring
home in a boat. They live here very cheap, getting
money from the vessels which stress of weather, or
other causes, bring into their harbour. I suspect, by
their furniture, that they smuggle a little. I can now
credit the account of the other houses, which I last
night thought exaggerated.
I have been conversing with one of my companions
respecting the laws and regulations of Norway. He
is a man with great portion of common sense and
heart yes, a warm heart. This is not the first time
I have remarked heart without sentiment ; they are
distinct. The former depends on the rectitude of the
feelings, on truth of sympathy; these characters have
more tenderness than passion ;
the latter has a higher
source call it imagination, genius, or what you will,
it is something very different. I have been laughing

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