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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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of interest, and the latter to the inspection of their
workmen, including the noble science of
bargain-making—that is, getting everything at the cheapest,
and selling it at the dearest rate. I am now more than
ever convinced that it is an intercourse with men of
science and artists which not only diffuses taste, but
gives that freedom to the understanding without which
I have seldom met with much benevolence of character
on a large scale.

Besides, though you do not hear of much pilfering
and stealing in Norway, yet they will, with a quiet
conscience, buy things at a price which must convince
them they were stolen. I had an opportunity of
knowing that two or three reputable people had purchased
some articles of vagrants, who were detected. How
much of the virtue which appears in the world is put
on for the world? And how little dictated by
selfrespect?—so little, that I am ready to repeat the old
question, and ask, Where is truth, or rather principle,
to be found? These are, perhaps, the vapourings of a
heart ill at ease—the effusions of a sensibility wounded
almost to madness. But enough of this; we will
discuss the subject in another state of existence, where
truth and justice will reign. How cruel are the
injuries which make us quarrel with human nature!
At present black melancholy hovers round my
footsteps; and sorrow sheds a mildew over all the future
prospects, which hope no longer gilds.

A rainy morning prevented my enjoying the pleasure
the view of a picturesque country would have afforded
me; for though this road passed through a country a

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