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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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blending taste with them. This has frequently occurred
to me since I have been in the north, and
observed that there sanguine characters always take
refuge in drunkenness after the fire of youth is spent.

But I have flown from Norway. To go back to the
wooden houses; farms constructed with logs, and even
little villages, here erected in the same simple manner,
have appeared to me very picturesque. In the more remote
parts I had been particularly pleased with many
cottages situated close to a brook, or bordering on a
lake, with the whole farm contiguous. As the family
increases, a little more land is cultivated; thus the
country is obviously enriched by population. Formerly
the farmers might more justly have been termed woodcutters.
But now they find it necessary to spare the
woods a little, and this change will be universally
beneficial; for whilst they lived entirely by selling the
trees they felled, they did not pay sufficient attention
to husbandry; consequently, advanced very slowly in
agricultural knowledge. Necessity will in future more
and more spur them on; for the ground, cleared of
wood, must be cultivated, or the farm loses its value;
there is no waiting for food till another generation of
pines be grown to maturity.

The people of property are very careful of their
limber; and, rambling through a forest near Tonsberg,
belonging to the Count, I have stopped to admire the
appearance of some of the cottages inhabited by a
woodman’s family—a man employed to cut down the
wood necessary for the household and the estate. A
little lawn was cleared, on which several lofty trees

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