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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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were left which nature had grouped, whilst the encircling
firs sported with wild grace. The dwelling was
sheltered by the forest, noble pines spreading their
branches over the roof; and before the door a cow,
goat, nag, and children, seemed equally content with
their lot; and if contentment be all we can attain, it
is, perhaps, best secured by ignorance.

As I have been most delighted with the country
parts of Norway, I was sorry to leave Christiania without
going farther to the north, though the advancing
season admonished me to depart, as well as the calls of
business and affection.

June and July are the months to make a tour
through Norway; for then the evenings and nights
are the finest I have ever seen; but towards the middle
or latter end of August the clouds begin to gather,
and summer disappears almost before it has ripened
the fruit of autumn—even, as it were, slips from your
embraces, whilst the satisfied senses seem to rest in

You will ask, perhaps, why I wished to go farther
northward. Why? not only because the country, from
all I can gather, is most romantic, abounding in
forests and lakes, and the air pure, but I have heard
much of the intelligence of the inhabitants, substantial
farmers, who have none of that cunning to
contaminate their simplicity, which displeased me so
much in the conduct of the people on the sea coast.
A man who has been detected in any dishonest act
can no longer live among them. He is universally
shunned, and shame becomes the severest punishment.

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