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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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cobweb-like appearance of the aged pines is a much
finer image of decay; the fibres whitening as they lose
their moisture, imprisoned life seems to be stealing
away. I cannot tell why, but death, under every form,
appears to me like something getting free–to expand
in I know not what element–nay, I feel that this
conscious being must be as unfettered, have the wings
of thought, before it can be happy.

Beaching the cascade, or rather cataract, the roaring
of which had a long time announced its vicinity, my
soul was hurried by the falls into a new train of
reflections. The impetuous dashing of the rebounding
torrent from the dark cavities which mocked the
exploring eye produced an equal activity in my mind.
My thoughts darted from earth to heaven, and I asked
myself why I was chained to life and its misery. Still
the tumultuous emotions this sublime object excited
were pleasurable; and, viewing it, my soul rose with
renewed dignity above its cares. Grasping at
immortality–it seemed as impossible to stop the current
of my thoughts, as of the always varying, still the
same, torrent before me; I stretched out my hand
to eternity, bounding over the dark speck of life to

We turned with regret from the cascade. On a
little hill, which commands the best view of it, several
obelisks are erected to commemorate the visits of
different kings. The appearance of the river above and
below the falls is very picturesque, the ruggedness of
the scenery disappearing as the torrent subsides into a
peaceful stream. But I did not like to see a number

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