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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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of saw-mills crowded together close to the cataracts;
they destroyed the harmony of the prospect.

The sight of a bridge erected across a deep valley,
at a little distance, inspired very dissimilar sensations.
It was most ingeniously supported by mast-like trunks,
just stripped of their branches; and logs, placed one
across the other, produced an appearance equally light
and firm, seeming almost to be built in the air when
we were below it, the height taking from the
magnitude of the supporting trees give them a slender
graceful look.

There are two noble estates in this neighbourhood,
the proprietors of which seem to have caught more
than their portion of the enterprising spirit that is
gone abroad. Many agricultural experiments have
been made, and the country appears better enclosed
and cultivated, yet the cottages had not the
comfortable aspect of those I had observed near Moss and to
the westward. Man is always debased by servitude of
any description, and here the peasantry are not entirely
free.         Adieu!

I almost forgot to tell you that I did not leave
Norway without making some inquiries after the
monsters said to have been seen in the northern sea;
but though I conversed with several captains, I could
not meet with one who had ever heard any traditional
description of them, much less had any ocular
demonstration of their existence. Till the fact is better
ascertained, I should think the account of them ought
to be torn out of our geographical grammars.

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