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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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scene. There was everything to drive me back, nothing
to excite sympathy in a rude tumult, of the senses,
which I foresaw would end in a gross debauch. What
was to be done? No bed was to be had, or even a
quiet corner to retire to for a moment; all was lost in
noise, riot, and confusion.

After some debating they promised me horses, which
were to go on to Uddervalla, two stages. I requested
something to eat first, not having dined; and the
hostess, whom I have mentioned to you before as
knowing how to take care of herself, brought me a
plate of fish, for which she charged a rix-dollar and
a half. This was making hay whilst the sun shone.
I was glad to get out of the uproar, though not
disposed to travel in an incommodious open carriage all
night, had I thought that there was any chance of
getting horses.

Quitting Quistram I met a number of joyous groups,
and though the evening was fresh many were stretched
on the grass like weary cattle; and drunken men had
fallen by the road-side. On a rock, under the shade of
lofty trees, a large party of men and women had lighted
a fire, cutting down fuel around to keep it alive all
night. They were drinking, smoking, and laughing
with all their might and main. I felt for the trees
whose torn branches strewed the ground. Hapless
nymphs! your haunts, I fear, were polluted by many
an unhallowed flame, the casual burst of the moment!

The horses went on very well; but when we drew
near the post-house the postillion stopped short, and
neither threats nor promises could prevail on him to

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