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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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nation into soothing melancholy reveries ; nothing to
attract the eye of taste, but much to afflict the benevo-
lent heart. The depredations of time have always
something in them to employ the fancy, or load to
musing on subjects which, withdrawing the mind from
objects of sense, seem to give it new dignity ;
but here
T. was treading on live ashes. The sufferers were still
under the pressure of the misery occasioned by this
dreadful conflagration. I could not take refufo in the
thought :
they suffered, but they are no more ! a re-
flection I frequently summon to calm my mind when
sympathy rises to anguish. I therefore desired the
driver to hasten to the hotel recommended to me, that
I might avert my eyes and snap the train of thinking
which had sent me into all the corners of the city in
search of houseless heads.
This morning I have been walking round the town,
till I am weary of observing the ravages. I had
often heard the Danes, even those who had seen Paris
and London, speak of Copenhagen with rapture.
Certainly I have seen it in a very disadvantageous
light, some of the best streets having been burnt, and
the whole place thrown into confusion. Still the
utmost that can, or could ever, I believe, have been
said in its praise, might be comprised in a few words.
The streets are open, and many of the houses large ;
but I saw nothing to rouse the idea of elegance or
grandeur, if I except the circus where the king and
prince royal reside.
The palace, which was consumed about two years
ago, must have been a handsome, spacious building ;

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