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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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furniture is useful, for they may be considered as
historical documents.

The vacuum left by departed greatness was everywhere
observable, whilst the battles and processions
portrayed on the walls told you who had here excited
revelry after retiring from slaughter, or dismissed
pageantry in search of pleasure. It seemed a vast
tomb full of the shadowy phantoms of those who had
played or toiled their hour out and sunk behind the
tapestry which celebrated the conquests of love or war.
Could they be no more—to whom my imagination thus
gave life? Could the thoughts, of which there
remained so many vestiges, have vanished quite away?
And these beings, composed of such noble materials of
thinking and feeling, have they only melted into the
elements to keep in motion the grand mass of life ?
It cannot be!—as easily could I believe that the large
silver lions at the top of the banqueting room thought
and reasoned. But avaunt! ye waking dreams! yet
I cannot describe the curiosities to you.

There were cabinets full of baubles and gems, and
swords which must have been wielded by giant’s hand.
The coronation ornaments wait quietly here till wanted,
and the wardrobe exhibits the vestments which formerly
graced these shows. It is a pity they do not lend them
to the actors, instead of allowing them to perish

I have not visited any other palace, excepting
Hirsholm, the gardens of which are laid out with taste, and
command the finest views the country affords. As they
are in the modern and English style, I thought I was

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