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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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following the footsteps of Matilda, who wished, to
multiply around her the images of her beloved country.
I was also gratified by the sight of a Norwegian land-
scape in miniature, which with great propriety makes
a part of the Danish King’s garden. The cottage is
well imitated, and the whole has a pleasing effect, par-
ticularly so to me who love Norway its peaceful farms
and spacious wilds.
The public library consists of a collection much
larger than I expected to see ;
and it is well arranged.
Of the value of the Icelandic manuscripts I could not
form a judgment, though the alphabet of some of them
amused me, by showing what immense labour men will
submit to, in order to transmit their ideas to posterity.
I have sometimes thought it a great misfortune for
individuals to acquire a certain delicacy of sentiment,
which often makes them weary of the common occur-
rences of life ; yet it is this very delicacy of feeling
and thinking which probably has produced most of the
performances that have benefited mankind. It might
with propriety, perhaps, be termed the malady of
genius; the cause of that characteristic melancholy
which "
grows with its growth, and strengthens with
its strength."
There are some good pictures in the royal museum.
Do not start, I am not going to trouble you with a dull
catalogue, or stupid criticisms on masters to whom
time has assigned their just niche in the temple of
fame ;
had there been any by living artists of thi.s
country, I should have noticed them, as making a part
of the sketches I am drawing of the present state of

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