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(1862) Tema: Business and Economy
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Hjelpreda i daglig handel

wid tillämpningen från 1863 års början

det nya systemet

Mynt, Mått och Wigt.

Utgifwen till tjenst för mindre räknekunniga och med uteslutande af nästan alla bråktal.

hos Joh. Beckman, 1862.

Till allmänheten!
Tab. I.Mynt.
Tab. II.Längdmått.
Tab. III.Ytmått.
Tab. IV.Rymdmått för torra waror.
Tab. V.Rymdmått för wåta waror.
Tab. VI.Wigt.

Kostar 10 öre riksmynt.

Preface to the Electronic Edition

by Lars Aronsson in March 1997

The electronic edition is as close typographically to the copy as plain HTML text allows. You need a browser that supports tables. The copy is printed in German type and measures 70 x 106 mm, 24 pages plus a simple cover.

This is a pocket guide to the new system of measurement units introduced in Sweden by a law on 31 Jan 1855, and the only system allowed for use in trade from 1863. This is not the metric system, but a decimal system where 1 ft = 10 inches = 100 lines. New units were introduced for coins, length, area, dry volume, wet volume, and weight. This "new system" lasted less than 30 years, as the metric system was introduced in Sweden by a law on 22 Nov 1878, and was to be the only system allowed from 1889. As a service to those less skilled in math, the guide makes approximations to avoid fractions.

Facsimile images were added in July 2005, color photos from a digital camera, two pages per image.

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: omslag, titelsida, baksida

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Innehåll / Table of Contents

Titel och innehåll - omslag, titelsida, baksida
Till allmänheten! - 2-3
Tab. I. Mynt - 4-5
Tab. II. Längdmått - 8-9
Tab. III. Ytmått - 10-11
Tab. IV. Rymdmått för torra waror - 14-15
Tab. V. Rymdmått för wåta waror - 18-19
Tab. VI. Wigt - 20-21

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