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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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The Pronunciation.

The Alphabet.

The Icelandic Alphabet is composed of the following letters

Aa         ah
Bb         bay
Dd         day
Ee         a
Ff         eff
Gg         ghay
Hh         hah
Ii         e
Jj         yod
Kk         kah
Ll         el
Mm         em
Nn         en
Oo         o
Pp         pay
Rr         err
Ss         s
Tt         tay
Uu         oo
Vv         vay
Xx         iks
Yy         ue
Zz         zet
Þþ         th
Ðð         dh
Ææ         ae
Œœ         oe (Danish ø, German ö)
Öö         oe (German ö)

1. The Old Norsk order of the vowels was the following

Vowels Diphthongs
a          á æ
ö          au ey
e          ei
i          i
o          ó œ
u          ú
y          ý

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