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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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77. Second order.
N. M. F.
Sing. Nom. skip-it (ship) Konúngr-inn (king) eign-in (property)
Acc. skip-it konúng-inn eign-ina
Dat. skipi-nu konúngi-num eign-inni
Gen. skips-ins konúngs-ins eignar-innar
Plur. Nom. skip-in konúngar-nir eignir-nar
Acc. skip-in konúnga-na eignir-nar
Dat. skipu-num konúngu-num eignu-num
Gen. skipa-nna; konúnga-nna; eigna-nna.

78. The before a vowel is pronounced with it and loses
its half sound, as: silf-rit, málm-rinn, fjöð-rin.

79. All the contracted and irregular forms remain as they
are, as:

        degi-num, katli-num, sálu-nni, álnar-innar;

retains its half-sound before n, as: bœndr͗-nir, fingr͗-na.
Only maðr̓ (65) adds in the Nom Plur. -ir. [[** punktum sic, trykkfeil?: JA, intet i dansk **]] and in the Acc.
-i, therefore: mennir-nir (rarely menninnir), menni-na.

80. The monosyllabic feminine often expels the hi of the
article in the Acc. Sing. as:

        för-na, instead of för-ina, gröfna inst. of gröf-ina
(Snorra-Edda, 138); reið-na for reið-ina; húðna
for húðina (Snorra-Edda 144).

81. In case the substantive be a monosyllable, ending in
a long vowel or doble sound (Tvelyd) the i of the article is
retained if the word remains monosyllabic, but it is left out
if the word becomes trisyllabic as:

        skrá-in, skrá-na, skrá-nni;

        ey-in, ey-na, ey-nni (thus also eyju-nni 66).
82. Third order.
N. M. F.
Sing. Nom. kne-ït (knee) kjölr-inn (keel) bók-in (book)
Acc. kne-ït kjöl-inn bók-ina
Dat. kne-nu kili-num bók-inni
Gen. knes-ins kjalar-ins bókar-innar
Plur. Nom. kneïn kilir-nir bœkr̓-nar
Acc. kne-ïn kjölu-na bœkr̓-nar
Dat. knjá-num kjölu-num bóku-num
Gen. knjá-nna; kjala-nna; bóka-una.
[[** sic, trykkfeil? = -nna?:
JA: dansk har -nna **]]

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