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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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Declension of Nouns with the Article.

74. In the declension of the noun with the article hit,
hinn, hin, both retain their endings unaltered, so that both
combined have a double declension. The article is thus
Sing. Nom. hit hinn hin
Acc. hit hinn hina
Dat. hinu hinum hinni
Gen. hins hins hinnar
Plur. Nom. hin hinir hinar
Acc. hin hina hinar
Dat. hinnum
Gen. hinna

The h is continually dropped when the article is
compounded with a substantive ending in a short vowel, a, i, u,
the -i is also dropped after every polysyllabic word ending
in -r.

75. The substantives when used with the article drop
the m of the Dative Plural, they end therefore in u, whilst the
article drops -hi.
First Order.
Sing. Nom. hjarta-t (heart) andi-nn (spirit) gata-n (road)
Acc. hjarta-t anda-nn götu-na
Dat. hjarta-nu anda-num götu-nni
Gen. hjarta-ns anda-ns götu-nnar
Plur. Nom. hjörtu-n andar-nir götur-nar
Acc. hjörtu-n anda-na götur-nar
Dat. hjörtu-num öndu-num götu-num
Gen. hjartna-nna; anda-nna; gatna-nna

76. It must be borne in mind with respect to the 2nd and
3rd Order where the i in the Dat. of masc. subst. is wangtin [[** = wanting?? **]]
they do not take the i of the Article either, as:

        dreingr-inn, dreingnum; dalrinn, dalnum.

But those which can take an i keep it, as: ísinum, better
than ísnum; stólinum (Snorra-Edda 114) better than

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