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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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[[** Tabell forts. fra forrige s. **]]
1st Class. 2nd Class. 3rd Class.
Indicative                          Passive
        Pres. Sing. 1. kallast brennist telst
2. kallast brennist telst
3. kallast brennist telst
Plur. 1. kollumst brennumst teljumst
2. kallizt brennizt telizt
3. kallast. brennast. teljast.
        Imp. Sing. 1. kallaðist brendist taldist
2. kallaðist brendist taldist
3. kallaðist brendist taldist
Plur. 1. kölluðumst brendumst töldumst
2. kölluðuzt brenduzt tölduzt
3. kölluðust. brendust. töldust.
        Pres. Sing. 1. kallist brennist telist
2. kallist brennist telist
3. kallist brennist telist
Plur. 1. kallimst brennimst telimst
2. kallizt brennizt telizt
3. kallist. brennist. telist.
        Imp. Sing. 1. kallaðist brendist teldist
2. kallaðist brendist teldist
3. kallaðist brendist teldist
Plur. 1. kallaðimst brendimst teldimst
2. kallaðizt brendizt teldizt
3. kallaðist. brendist. teldist.
        Imp. Sing. 2. kallast-u brend-u telst-u
Plur. 1. köllumst (ver) brennumst teljumst
2. kallizt (þer). brennizt. telizt.
        Infinitve at kallast. brennast. teljast.
        Part. (kallandist). (brennadist). (teljamdist).
        Sup. Pass. kallazt. brenzt talizt (talzt).

125. Many of the personal terminations are unsettled, we
have taken as the regular one those which have most claim
to be called so. The 1st Person Pres. has sometimes r, and
becomes alike to the 2nd and 3rd Person, as:

        ek kallar, ek brennir, ek telr,

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