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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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but the frequent and best use, as well as contractions, show
the r to be spurious as

        kallag, brennig, telk, for kalla ek etc.,

        hyggig, hykk for hygg ek etc.

126. It is more correct to end the 1st Pers. of the
Imperfect in -a, than in -i, for the preceding part of the verb
has always those vowels which harmonize wilh a and not with
i, except when i in the Present has been substituted by
derivation and runs in every tense through the entire word, as
brenni, from brann.

127. The 1st Pers. of the Conj. Present is also more
correctly ended in a than i, but both are frequently used, and
good manuscripts prefer in certain cases the -i.

Abbreviations like hugðak (Lodbrkv. 24) munak (Snorra
E. 35) also prove the termination -a.

The 1st Person Plural has -im, in harmony with the other
termination, and by a general use of the ancients; in the
modern language this person has been changed into -um as the
Indicative (köllum, brennum, teljum).

128. The 1st Pers. of the Conj. Imp. has sometimes -a
instead of i in ancient writers, chiefly used by the Skalds;
but it is less correct considering the vowel of the chief syllable.
It is therefore less correct to say
vekþa ek than vekti ek
bæþa ek bæði ek

(Snorra E. 97) except the third person be taken, which could
perhaps be placed in the 1st pers., as is done in the oriental

It is however always correct in the plural that the 1st pers.
should terminate in -im, the 2nd in -it, although, -um, ut, is
to be met with in more recent Mss. In all verbs, (except the
1st Class) with the modification of vowel in the principal
syllable, which requires the termination -i, as:

        kölluðum, kölluðut, brendum, brendut, teldum,

The 3rd Pers. is only found in u, in the modern icelandic
of the northern dialect, as:

        kolluðu, brendu, teldu

although these forms have crept into all Mss. The two first
persons in -um and -ut are generally wrong, even if they
appear in the Sagas or the Skalds.

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