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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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[[** tabell forts. fra forrige s., ikke tilpasset her **]]
Fut. pret. myndi (a) [verða] kallaðr talinn
Perf. hafa (i) verit kallaðr talinn
Pluperf. - hefði (a) verit kallaðr talinn
Derivative Forms
Ind. Fut. per. at vera kallaðr talinn
Perf. mundu [verða] kallaðr talinn
Pluperf. hafa verit kallaðr talinn

These periphrase forms are rarely used in the order we have
given, they are partly separated, partly transposed by inserted

Skal is used in an obligatory and assured sense. After
man or skalverða or vera is frequently left out. Vera
is used for the present time, which has begun, verða, for the
future time, which is now beginning, man and skal for the
future time, not yet begun.

158. The Passive form in -st, has also derivatives, as:
ek man kallast teljast
- munda kallast teljast
- hefi kallazt talizt
- hafða kallazt talizt etc.

V. Particles.

159. This class of words, generally not inflected, take a
comparison, they form the Comparative in -a, the Superlative
in -ast; some have shorter forms in -r, -st:
opt optar optast often
titt tiðar tiðast closely
víða víðar viðast
[[** ingen aksent: heller ikke i dansk **]]
norðr norðar norðast northerly
skamt skemr skemst shortly
leingi leingr leingst long ago.

160. Some are irregular or imperfect:
vel betr bezt good
illa verr verst bad
mjök meir mest much
lítt minnr (miðr) minnst little
gjarna heldr helzt rather
úti utar yzt without

[[** Tabell forts. neste s. **]]

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