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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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those who understand how to follow saviors like Caesar
and Napoleon I. ! But " Wo to those peoples who mis-
take and oppose them ! They do as did the Jews ; they
crucify their Messiah ; they are blind and guilty !
A solemn warning, a heavy judgment ! These luck-
less people have cause to complain of the free will they
have received as their lot. More to be desired, for them,
were the secure position of the heroes of Providence
for such cannot contract any debts. The worst of all is
that people, even when they are willing to follow the
rescuing genius that is sent them as leader, have not a
single decisive token by which they can tell a true Mes-
siah from a false ; since that inward testimony, the touch-
stone of moral law, has been taken from them, as unfit
to use with geniuses like these. Or is it meant that the
eyes of mankind shall be opened to the heaven-bestowed
authority of such, when a Caesar breaks into the state
treasury and threatens the courageous young tribune of
the people with death, who, true to his duty, has sta-
tioned himself on the steps of the temple of Saturn, and
upholds the law against the assailing robbers ? Or when
Napoleons break up councils, and cast the country’s
highest tribunal out into the street? Unluckily, these
actions have such a confusing likeness to crimes, that
people would perchance, before a more lenient judge
than the exalted writer, be in a certain measure excused
if they made a mistake, and conceived the doer of such
deeds rather as called to the penitentiary than the
throne of Messiah. However this may be, there will
doubtless always be found blind people who think that
the Messiah who has borne witness of himself in the
conscience of mankind is the only one deserving that
name. But on the other hand—and that can serve as

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