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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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time, to give us an idea of what the annals of beauty lost
when that work was destroyed. Many other statues of
Tiberius, raised by flattery or fear, or, as in this case, by
gratitude, hate has broken to pieces ; but nevertheless,
we own good portraits of the heir of Augustus. Into the
inheritance go the features of the latter. In spite of the
curved nose—the Roman nose, so seldom seen in Rome
—Tiberius has so strong a family likeness to his step-fa-
ther that many have suspected a nearer relationship be-
tween them. Most striking, perhaps, is that resemblance,
if the bust of young Octavius found at Ostia, be likened
with the busts of young Tiberius, of which the Lateran
gallery and the Museo nazionale at Naples are in pos-
session. But years do not efface the likeness, although
the expression of the one grows darker and darker, and
harder, and more artificial, while the other is ever illumi-
nated more with clemency and peace.
Had we a chance to see, side by side, the statues and
busts of Tiberius which are now scattered through the
Vatican, Museo Capitolino, Lateran, Villa Albani, Villa
Borghese, Museo nazionale. Louvre and others, represent-
ing him at different ages, we might in some degree be
able to follow the advance of his spirit through the valley
of the shadow of death, until he disappears in Acheron.
The colossal head found at Veil in the year 1811, and
which belongs to the Museo Chiaramonti, especially fast-
ens itself upon the memory. It is not a low mind we
have before us, but one fallen far down ; and we think of
a prostrate archangel as we see it. In the same gallery
we find a colossal statue in Pentelic niarble ; Tiberius as
an Olympian god. It makes the impression of greatness,
but the artist’s effort to give it something of the benig-
nant majesty of Zeus, has stranded on the impossible.

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