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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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But that wine, which according to the story was born
of the tears of the golden-haired youth, grows on Ve-
suvius yet, and is called lacrymcB Christi—Tears of
The owner of the hut was a really intelligent man.
He did not own many books ; but one he had that he
read assiduously, and that was the " Georgics " of Virgil
for there, in ringing verse, he had found excellent coun-
sel, touching the care of vineyards, fields, domestic ani-
mals and beehives.
He was glad, therefore, when Paul said that he too
had some acquaintance with what Virgil had sung ; in
fact, that one of the two reasons why he had come to
Naples, was, that he wished to see the poet’s grave.
On the other side of Naples and the bay, lies Mount
Posilipo. According to tradition, the ashes of Virgil
are buried there. The ancient tomb, a so-called columba-
rium, that is believed to contain his dust, is one of the
city’s curiosities, which every boy in Naples knows.
Thither Paul now took his way, accompanied by his
host. They shortened the road with talk. " If I reckon
rightly," said the old man, " Our Lord and Master ap-
peared upon Vesuvius the very year Virgil died."
"Yes," said Paul, "the grace was not granted him,
he so ardently yearned after: to live long enough to sing
of the crucified conqueror’s mighty work

* be the autumn of life prolonged, and my age be accorded
spirit and strength enough to sing of the works, thou achievest.’*
But Christ has since descended into the place of de-
* Virgil, Eel. 4, verses 53, 54.

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