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(1887) [MARC] Author: Viktor Rydberg Translator: Alfred Corning Clark With: Hans Anton Westesson Lindehn
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ark, the church’s emblem rested, when the waters of the
deluge sank, was not the Armenian mountain of that
name, but Mt. Janiculus, at Rome ; and that Peter’s cross
was raised upon the very spot whereon the progenitor
of the new race of men set his foot, as he stepped out
of the ark. The rock on which the ship of salvation
remained standing, and the rock on which the church
was built, are thus brought into relation with each other.
Peter prayed to be crucified with his head downwards,
as he did not esteem himself worthy to die in the same
position as that in which his Lord and Master had died.
The executioners granted his wish. Thus a miracle oc-
curred here, too. Angels were seen floating down from
heaven, and encircling the martyr in his death-struggle.
They dried the sweat of terror from his brow, whispered
soft consolation into his ear, and did not leave the cross,
until the apostle’s spirit, freed, went up with them to joy
In the church Sta. Maria in Trastevere there is at
the side door a marble slab (built into the wall) which is
said to have lain by Peter’s cross, and in which marks
like footprints, are to be found. The sacristan of the
church repeats the old story, that these marks were left
by the angels that stood around the dying Peter.
The road up to the Roman Golgotha on Janiculus, is
in our day one of the liveliest in Rome. Long lines of
carriages, with Roman ladies and gentlemen, or with
English and American strangers, are to be seen at the
fine season of the year, rolling on upon the Via Garibaldi,
rising by terraces. In all the larger Italian cities, now,
one of the finest squares or streets bears the name of
young Italy’s spotless hero. The hill offers sights, too,

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