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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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The Company had already made an attempt the
year before to reach the mouth of the Yenisei by the
Kara Sea, and had chartered a Norwegian steamer, the
Tulla, which was specially built for the ice and therefore
seemed suitable. But the attempt proved a failure ;
the Tulla met with a great quantity of ice in the
Kara Sea and came home disheartened as early as the
beginning of September.
Lied himself had voyaged down the Yenisei from
Krasnoyarsk to its mouth with some laden lighters, to
meet the ship and provide her with a cargo, never
doubting that she would come through. In fact, he
went as far as Dickson Harbour, north of the estuary,
in a little steamboat, to look out for the ship that was
A custom-house officer and two custom-house sol
diers had come all the way from Irkutsk to the mouth
of the Yenisei to examine the Tulla’s cargo—a journey
of 1800 miles, or as far as from Rome to Lofoten. And,
no doubt, a lot of police and gendarmes had also
arrived, including the Chief of Police himself.
Men and lighters had lam there waiting till far on in
September, but then they were obliged to go up the
Yenisei again in order to reach Krasnoyarsk before the
river was frozen over.
This year a more serious attempt was to be made ;
the steamer Correct had been chartered and lay waiting
for us at Tromso ; this time Lied was going to make
the voyage from Norway. The boat was laden chiefly
with cement from Stettin, which was to be delivered to
the Siberian Railway.
The question now was, whether wc should get
through or not. If the attempt failed again this year,
it was thought that the Company would have to give
up the idea of going on. If, on the other hand, it was

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