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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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first off the bank, the wire of the kedge fouled the
propeller, broke, and the anchor was lost. When the
vessel was docked after the trip, it was found that there
were several turns of that wire round the shaft, and as
wc went astern wc had struck against the kedge, so that
one of the bottom plates had got a great dent. At last
wc were able to go on again, after håving been delayed
some hours in this way. On sounding the tanks every
thing proved to be as it was before wc struck the
Wc now steered well to the south of Devil’s Island,
and then northward on the west side of it, but had ice
to the east of us and were obliged to follow its edge,
first 8 miles to the north-west, and then 12 miles N.
by E., \E. (by compass). Then wc were able to stand
more to the eastward, about true E. ; but wc had ice
both to the south and north of us.
In the evening, about seven o’clock, I got a sight of
land ahead from the crowVnest. This was Dickson
Island. There was a great deal of ice on all sides ;
on the south it looked quite closed, and on the north
as well ; but under the land I could see open water,
and found a passage, so that after some twisting about
wc reached it by eight o’clock.
There was broad open water here off Dickson Island.
On the south the ice came in towards the land, and I
could not be certain that I saw any låne there ; but
some slack ice I did see, and most probably there was
enough open water to get through.
But as wc were now so near Dickson Harbour, wc
thought wc might as well put in there, and see if there
was any news to be had of the Brusilov Expedition in
the Sviataya Anna (" St. Anne "), which had set out the
year before to make the North-East Passage, and to do
some sealing on the way.

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