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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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The expedition was met in Yugor Strait on Sep
tember 15, 1912, by the two ships Vasian and Nimrod,
which were to bring materials to the wireless stations
on Vaigach, at Yugor Strait and at Mora Sale. The
next day, September 16, the Sviataya Anna proceeded
on her voyage into the Kara Sea, and had not since
been heard of.
It would also be a good thing to see whether Rusånov
had been there ; he had intended, in 1912, to go round
the north of Novaya Zemlya in the motor-sloop Hercules,
and had a theory, unfortunate in my opinion, that that
would be a much easier way of reaching the Yenisei
estuary than the more southerly routes, as the " Gulf
Stream " was supposed to run there and keep the water
open for him.
On our way to Dickson Harbour a dense fog came on,
and there was little to be seen. We had to go carefully,
and sound all the time ; but by so doing we found our way
between two islets, which lic south-west of the harbour ;
there was some ice there too. At midnight wc anchored
at the southern end of the strait, between Dickson
Island and the mainland, in 7J fathoms of water. The
weather had now cleared, and it was a beautiful night
with a flush of sunset over the islands and the land to
the north.
Sunday, August 24. At 1 a.m. several of us went
ashore in the bay at Dickson Harbour, where—in 1901,
I think—a shed had been put up with a coal depot
for Baron TolFs Expedition. But this coal was never
called for, and it still lies there, together with a supply
of matches. Brusilov, who had not much coal with
him, intended to call here and use this supply, it was
As we approached the shed on the beach, a white
fox darted out of the door, which stood open.

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