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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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there may, in fact, be a possibility of still further
developing the fishery.
Fishing is carried on for the most part with the
seine, which is east out from the shelving sandy banks
and drawn towards the shore, but the water is often
so shallow that the fishermen have to wade out to get
their nets in and bring the fish to land. At the best
season great quantities of fish may be tåken in a single
east. A great number of seines are in use : in 1907,
in the lower Yenisei, there were 200 seines belonging
to Russians and 550 belonging to the natives ; in
1908, only on the Brekovskie Islands and lower down
the Yenisei, there were about 150 Russian seines,
while those of the natives did not exceed 250. The
reduction in the number of native fishermen in that
year was due to a great extent to a severe epidemic
of smallpox. If wc reckon five men to each net, there
were about 2000 men fishing on the lowest part of the
Yenisei in 1908. As to the numbers in later years,
I have no information.
The catch for each net varies greatly, but on an
average for the year it is put at about 250 poods
(4 tons) ; what would be considered a good catch is
about 400 poods (6j tons) of fish to each net in a
summer. The total quantity of fish caught has
increased greatly of recent years. In 1846-1850 it was
put at 3152 poods annually ; in the sixties the first
steamers came, and the export rose to 14,000 poods
annually ; at the close of the eighties it had risen to
32,000 poods; in 1902-1906 it is given as 84,000
poods. Then better and more regular steamboat
traffic was established on the Yenisei, and with
this the produce of the fisheries went up still more ;
in 1907 the total quantity may be put at about
188,000 poods, or, in round figures, 3000 tons of

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