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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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several Russians, both men and women, and it must
have been a busy place, judging from all the barrels on
the shore.
There were also some Dolgans living there in two
or three mud-huts. They are the aristocracy of the
tundra, Vostrotin said. They are fonder of finery than
the Samoyedes or Yuraks, and like to wear brightly
embroidered clothes. Wc could see that by a healthy
and well-grown girl, who laughed incessantly from
inward merriment. Her best coat was covered with
the most gorgeous embroidery.
The Dolgans seem to be nearly related to the Yakuts.
They are reindeer nomads who live on the tundra, and
are thought to have come from the east, from the
country about the river Lena. The children of the
Dolgans were gentle and attractive. Théy looked
healthy and well-fed, but they gave one the impres
sion of being of somewhat mixed race. The men wc
did not see, they were out fishing.
There was also a Tungus woman, married to a
Russian, who was the mother of quite attractive
daughters. The society here was thus pretty mixed,
and they all looked gay and happy and contented.
At this place wc saw some powerful, long-legged
sledge-dogs, which were tied up and probably belonged
to some of the fishermen, who used them for travelling
up and down the river in winter, and sometimes also
with their boats in summer, when the dogs go along the
bank and tow the boat. They were bigger and stronger
than the dogs of the reindeer Samoyedes, which are not
used for driving, but for herding the reindeer.
As wc approached the Correct on our way back,
Christensen suddenly saw them hoist the flag at the
main-top. What could that mean ? But not long after
wards one of our Samoyede rowers shouted something

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